Sustainable energy from the neighbourhood: This is the status of the geothermal energy in Gelting

At a recent town hall meeting, the Geretsrieder CSU discussed with experts, the chances of success of the geothermal project in Gelting. One thing is clear: “We are dependent on energy production.”

“Now you realize how dependent we are on energy production,” said CSU local chairman Martin Huber. The expert lectures he announced attracted around 35 visitors to the regulars’ table on Sunday morning.

The experts went on to discuss several topics including how Germany is dependent on energy production. But also discussed the past failures and how new closed-loop technology is what is needed to make a project successful.

“The closed-loops technology, which can be used in 98 percent of all areas in Germany, promises more success. To this end, two drilling sites will be set up at Gut Breitenbach from October.”

CSU Mayor Michael Müller, relaxed the attendees over their concerns about earthquakes, stating, We set up five seismic devices during the last drilling and nothing happened,” Straubinger reassured them, there is no danger with the closed-loops technology that is now being used.

Also discussed was the fact that the power plant should be up and running by 2024 and that it will run district heating networks for two cities, Geretsried and Wolfratshausen.

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