Merkur – Geothermal energy in Geretsried: Electricity could be produced for the first time in 2024


Eavor’s Germany country manager, Daniel Mölk was recently featured in an article by Doris Schmid for

The article comes after Eavor’s recent announcement of their partnership with Italy’s Turboden, you can read the press release here.

The article covers the progress made so far at the Enex drill site in Geretsried, where Eavor’s Technology is set to commercially debut. Daniel speaks about the progress but also about the possibilities and what he expects for the future of the technology and the site and what it can do for Germany.

“With our technology, we can develop geothermal energy at most locations in Germany,” says Mölk. “The demand is particularly high where district heating networks already exist.” Everyone would be waiting to be able to visit the project in Geretsried during the construction period. Mölk: “Geothermal energy is not only climate-friendly and able to cover the base load, but also an independent source of energy that everyone has under their own feet.”

Read the full article here.

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