The European geothermal sector meets in Berlin to further promote geothermal energy

High-ranking politicians at the European level, managing directors of market players and representatives of the geothermal industry will meet in Berlin for the European Geothermal Congress, October 17-21, 2022 in Berlin.

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“The European Geothermal Congress wants to be part of the solution. The program has been put together by experts in the field and will highlight four main themes: Geothermal Solutions for the Future Renewable Energy Systems, Policy & Markets, Technology & Innovation, and Research & Development. The Congress is a unique opportunity to bring together not only representatives from across Europe, but also from different fields: high-level politicians, renowned scientists and industry leaders, some of whom will speak at the welcome ceremony.”

Eavor will be in attendance at The European Geothermal Congress and we encourage anyone who would like to learn more about our technology and our future plans to come to see us on the show floor.

Also make sure you hear some of the Eavor team speak, all of the Eavor speaking arrangements can be found here –

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