Deep Energy Capital and Eavor Technologies announce collaboration to transform global heat and power generation markets with clean, non-intermittent and flexible energy

LONDON and MUNICH, Germany and CALGARY, Alberta, Dec. 07, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Deep Energy Capital, LLP (“Deep Energy”), an independent specialized renewable energy investment house, and Eavor Technologies Inc.

New German Government in Favour of Geothermal

Eavor welcomes the coalition agreement from the new German government published today.

The Limited Times – Energiewende Oberland wants electricity and heat from the ground all year round

The Limited Times featured an article on the Oberland Energiewende (EWO) and the desire to have geothermal provide energy and heat all year round. Daniel Moelk, the country manager for Germany at Eavor Technologies, introduced advanced geothermal systems (AGS) during the meeting as the agenda focused on innovation.

Euractiv’s special report on Geothermal Energy

In this special report, EURACTIV looks at the latest developments in geothermal technology and the remaining challenges that need to be addressed before it can become a cheap and reliable source of renewable energy.

Euractiv – ‘Always on’: The promise of new geothermal technologies

Euractiv recently published an article on the promise of new geothermal technologies. They suggest that geothermal energy’s ability to provide baseload electricity and flexibility to heating and power systems will be invaluable in moving towards a 100% renewables-based system.

Euractiv – ‘Sun beneath our feet’: The European cities turning to geothermal

Euractiv recently published an article on the growing number of cities in Europe turning to geothermal energy, or as it’s otherwise known, ‘sun beneath our feet.’ Since 2003, Munich has been among European cities pioneering the deployment of geothermal energy.

New York Times – The Energy Transition And The Quest For The Mythical Beast Of Perfection

The New York Times recently published an article featuring Eavor Technologies Inc. and their closed-loop geothermal technology. They refer to the concept as die eierlegende wollmilchsau, a German phrase meaning the egg-laying wool-milk pig. This mythical creature is said to meet all human needs for food, drink, and fiber simultaneously. Closed-loop geothermal is the energy world’s egg-laying wool-milk pig with its ability to be flexible, reliable, renewable, affordable, and dispatchable.

Euractiv – ‘Closed-loop’ technology brings promise of geothermal anywhere

Euractiv recently featured Eavor’s closed-loop technology, the Eavor-Loop™, in an article detailing the promise it holds. In 2019, Eavor completed the prototype of a closed-loop geothermal power plant. This technology, a new generation of Advanced Geothermal Systems (AGS), connects two vertical wells with many horizontal wellbores, creating a closed buried-pipe system.

Euractive – Industry: Geothermal energy requires European policy solutions

Euractiv recently featured an article with Sanjeev Kumar, the Head of Policy at the European Geothermal Energy Council, on the promise of geothermal in Europe, especially during the time of their energy crisis. Geothermal power is a reliable, renewable, and local energy source that offers baseload power generation.

Politico – The Goldilocks effect: the quest for the perfect energy source

The Goldilocks effect: the quest for the perfect energy source. “Mmm… This bowl replaces high-carbon non-renewable fossil fuel supplies with a clean, locally sourced, globally available, low-cost, socially acceptable, grid-stabilizing, zero-emission, load-following, resilient/reliable energy source… It’s juuust right…”

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